Our anti-graffiti coating

“A great source of annoyance and it also comes with huge costs; graffiti”

Graffiti is seen by some people as a form of modern street art. Often the owners of the processed objects are less charmed. Graffiti can give a messy character, which is generally regarded as vandalism. Removing graffiti is costly and time consuming. This makes it a less sustainable solution. Often there is also permanent damage due to discoloration or intensive cleaning.

Our anti-graffiti coating does not prevent graffiti from being applied to your object, but it makes it easier to remove it.

It is wise to prevent your buildings from being preventively protected with anti-graffiti coating. The application of our product will prevent damage. Our anti-graffiti coating ensures that graffiti paint becomes only a superficial stain that is easy to remove with water. As a consequence, the influence of graffiti will not cause permanent damage. Applying our coating is simple and also ensures a long life of you facade and gives a fresh look.

By treating the concrete surface first with DC-Hardener, and then using the anti-graffiti coating, it protects your concrete optimally!

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