“Endless possibilities, applications and specific treatments”

With concrete, everything is possible, as with our concrete applications. Each surface requires a specific treatment. Whether it’s older concrete that is affected by the weather effects or new concrete to prevent external influences. DC-Hardener is waterborne and not harmful to the environment, humans and animals. DC-Hardener can be used on both inside and outside concrete surfaces. Therefore it is also very useful in the livestock and / or in the food industry.

Particularly relevant to know is that products that are chemically treated with chemicals or polymers usually have a liquid-tight layer. As a result, our resources can not work and stay on the surface. Therefore, these types of products are limited and not suitable for treatment with our impregnants. Few examples are worktops or coated floors.

Our experts can provide a good advice on this. We not only guarantee sustainability, but also want our products to come true. Therefore we give a 35-year warranty if the installation is carried out by us or a company approved by us. In the case of third parties or by yourself, we can not give you that guarantee.

Below you will find a number of pictures for the broad applicability of DC-Hardener. If you have any questions, please contact on of our advisors. It is also possible that one of our advisors can have a look on site. Hereby our advisor can inform you in the right way. You can contact the website or call +31 575 46 51 55. We are happy to help.