DC Hardener – Concrete Protection

Concrete protection for every kind of concrete

“Concrete protection what doubles the lifespan”


Danish Concrete Hardener is a non-toxic impregnation liquid that provides effective treatment of industrial floors and walls. It is an innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly product, specially designed to solve concrete problems in buildings. Once newly poured concrete is treated with Danish Concrete Hardener, problems of stains, abrasion, dusting and crackings forming on floors and walls is prevented.
This saves demolition and repairing costs of mending concrete problems on newly made floors and walls.  As for old existing floors, the product helps to repair concrete problems on  surfaces.
Danish Concrete Hardener is a clean impregnation liquid that promotes a greener environment. The product makes the treatment process of floors and walls more conveniently, faster with less stress, thus promotes a healthier working environment for construction workers.
In this way, the product helps to save construction time. It is a unique high quality product for the construction industry as it meets the criteria for the needs in the building industry. Danish Concrete Hardener focus on running operations of construction companies more healthier, profitable, safer and sustainable. Danish Concrete Hardener is a deep concrete treatment system. As such, it increases durability of treated concrete floors and walls by over 35%, in order to offer building owners a floor/wall that lasts for decades with no maintenance costs.
Danish Concrete Hardener is developed in three different types – floor, block and wall hardener. It is a water-based, non-toxic, transparent, ready-to-use liquid. A blend of Silicic Acid and Sodium Salt.

Floor Hardener

The floor hardener is specially designed for deep treatment, it impregnates floors by 1-3 cm deep into the slab.

Block Hardener

The block hardener penetrates 10-15mm deep to treat blocks for construction of industrial walls.

Wall Hardener

The wall hardener is specially designed to treat wall structures after plastering work. This makes plastered walls 100% water repellent, but still diffusion open.


In 1965, JPH Aps manufactured D. C. Hardener impregnation liquid primarily as a dust binder and waterproof solutions. The first dust binding treatment was performed in the year 1965 at a Paper wholesale company which had heavy traffic of trucks offloading stocks, and forklift trucks in its warehousing operations.  Despite many years of using the floor, there are no damages at all.

Over the years, the product has undergone many improvements, today, the product is called Danish Concrete Hardener.

The characteristics of treated industrial floors and walls with Danish Concrete Hardener includes, waterproof, acidproof, dustproof, non-toxic, fire retardant surfaces.

After concrete floors are treated with Danish Concrete Hardener, it  becomes hard as Granite!  Thus, offering building owners a high quality, long-lasting, healthier and safer floors that can last for decades, limited guarantee of 50 years.


Danish Concrete Floor, Wall and Block Hardener is highly recommended for treating floors, walls, blocks in all kinds of concrete construction projects, to prevent problems of deterioration such as cracking, scratching, staining and dusting in buildings.
Danish Concrete Hardener is used on indoor as well as outdoor concrete surfaces – when making new floors and walls, or when renovating damages on old/existing floors and walls.
It can be used in a variety of locations including house building projects, animal housing facilities, highways, runways, metal wheeled traffic areas, warehouses, cold storage rooms, factories, bridges, dams, oil refineries, garages, parking places, pavings, stadiums, shopping malls, floors at harbours, and railway sleepers, etc.

  • Fast absorbing liquid – no waiting for product to dissolve during concrete curing process. Faster operations in 10 days floors are ready to use. And reduces production costs in concrete production projects.
  • Deep impregnation treats floors by 1-3 cm deep – durable floors 100% repellent to penetration of substances that cause damage to buildings such as water, acids, oils, salts, vehicle tire marks, abrasions, fungal growths. Satisfied customers as floor will last for decades a minimum period of 50 years, with no maintenance costs of deteriorations.
  • Impregnates blocks and walls by 10-15mm deep – strongly seals but diffusion open. Increases hardness of treated blocks by 30%.
  • Prevents demolition and repairing costs of mending concrete problems on surfaces.
  • Non-toxic – prevents costs of interruption in curing floors, no delays caused by use of contaminated product such as degassing of premises, illnesses of workers e.g. coughing, sneezing, eye infection.
  • Promotes hygiene of industrial floors, easy to wash stains with warm soapy water using a high pressure cleaner up to 200pse without causing surface wear.
  • Dust binder – reduced cleaning expenses due to none dust emissions on floors and stocks in warehousing, and prevents sicknesses on building users i.e. human beings and livestocks.
  • Good company reputation for building durable, safer floors and walls, results in increased referrals and more business.
  • Reduced accidents in traffic areas as braking length for vehicles, aeroplanes, forklift trucks in warehousing operations is reduced by 10%.
  • Fire retardant – reduces fire damages to building as treated floors and walls can withstands heat of 1.110, to protect human lives and livestocks.