Top products of our company

Anti-graffiti coating
Removing graffiti is costly and time consuming. This makes it a less sustainable solution. Out anti-graffiti coating does not prevent graffiti from being applied to your object, but it makes easier to remove it.

DC-Hardener is a non-toxic, impregnation liquid that provides effective treatment of industrial floors and walls. It’s and innovative, high quality, environment friendly product, specially designed to solve concrete problems in building. This is our main product.

Easy Slip
In order to avoid damage when removing formwork or mold, Easy Slip detergent is applied to the molding in the most cases before processing. A good coating adds to a beautiful even concrete surface, with little spots or pores.

DC Impregneer 
DC Impregneer is a moisture- regulating impregnating agent that protects facades and roof surfaces from moisture penetration.